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Hearing-impaired individuals are simply forgotten too often at public events. To make matters worse, people often make the wrong assumption...
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We believe in only providing our customers with the absolute best services possible, which is why every sign language interpreter whom...
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One of the worst scenarios for a hearing impaired individual to be involved in a major accident in which they must be taken to a hospital. Many...

Partners In Communication specializes in everything, including court and medical ASL interpretation!

Welcome to Partners In Communication

While we are lucky enough to live in a word where people are more understanding of those with disabilities, one group of people who tend to be forgotten are those who are hearing impaired. It can be difficult to go to a business meeting, concert, or any other type of special event if you lack the ability to hear. Many event organizers do not plan ahead to hire an interpreter. Because of this lack of foresight, the hearing-impaired are at a significant disadvantage, and in many cases, cannot fully enjoy themselves.

At Partners In Communication, we want to remedy these problem by providing the community of Tallahassee, FL with our incredible American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services. We have several experienced ASL interpreters available who are happy to use their skills and training to ensure that the hearing impaired can understand what is going on and have someone to communicate with in case of emergency.

Our ASL interpreting services are perfect for a variety of events—from public speaking forums to legal representation. Our interpreters are well trained, professional, and fluent in ASL, which means you can depend on them to do a fantastic job. We take tremendous pride in the services we offer at Partners In Communication and will do everything we can to see that you are completely satisfied when you hire one of our interpreters.

You will not find another specialty service like ours anywhere else in the Tallahassee, FL area. Whether you need an interpreter for a personal reason or are just hosting an event and want to make sure the hearing impaired can properly enjoy themselves, get in touch with us at Partners In Communication today!